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What makes our quilts special?...

T-shirt Memory Quilts

It's all in the details!

One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love.

It takes time to make a does a website!    

Thank you for your patience!

Quilt Sizes

Please do not cut your own panels.

Quilt pricing is based on 12" x 12" square panels.

All quilts are designed to fit a 22" mattress  

Logo doesn't fit?  We can personalize the panel size. Email Lori below for pricing. 


Creating your quilt....


What to do...

  1. Do not cut your own panels, that's our job!

  2. Best fabric types to use: T-shirts, sweatshirts, button ups, mesh jerseys or tech shirts can be used.

  3. Gather number of shirts to be used according to the size quilt you desire. 

  4. Purchase your favorite fleece or cotton backing fabric separately according  to the amount for the quilt size.

Instructions before mailing:

1. Launder all garments.

2. Do not cut panels. Send entire garment.

3. For each row, lay out garments from left to right with desired logo facing upward. 

-After all garments are layed out according to size of quilt diamgram, stack each row starting with left garment on top. 

-Use paper and safety pin any additional instructions to garment.

-Place each row in separate plastic grocery/trash bag and lable row with permanent marker.  

4. Include backing fabric in packaging. 

5. Be sure to include full name, a good cell phone number, desired date of completion and any other instructions and/or items discussed with Lori when placing the order.

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